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A few frequently asked questions... (cont'd)

Are there any plans to produce similar editions of the other two « Great Tales » of JRR Tolkien's mythology ?
Sadly, neither The Fall of Gondolin nor Beren and Lúthien were ever developed extensively and sufficiently enough by J.R.R. Tolkien to publish them in similar form to The Children of Húrin. Even though - for instance - an illustrated edition of these tales might be possible, the existing texts have already been published, and would remain incomplete.

Can I / someone else write / complete / develop my / their own version of one of these unfinished tales ? (or any others)
The simple answer is NO.
You are of course free to do whatever you like for your own private enjoyment, but there is no question of any commercial exploitation of this form of "fan-fiction".
Also, in these days of the Internet, and privately produced collectors’ items for sale on eBay, we must make it as clear as possible that the Tolkien Estate never has, and never will authorize the commercialisation or distribution of any works of this type.
The Estate exists to defend the integrity of J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings. Christopher Tolkien's work as his father’s literary executor has always been to publish as faithfully and honestly as possible his father's completed and uncompleted works, without adaptation or embellishment.

Are there any plans to produce a feature film from The Children of Húrin ?
There are no plans of this nature in the foreseeable future.

How much / what parts of The Children of Húrin have already been published ?
A quick answer is that approximately 75% of the actual story appears in interrupted form in Unfinished Tales. Also, a brief version of the tale can be found in The Silmarillion and there are variations of parts of the story and references to it throughout the History of Middle-earth series, and most notably in vols. II, III, IV, V, and XI. (cont'd)

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