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    For those who may be intrigued (or mystified!) by the complex sources for this legend, and the world of Scandinavian lore and mythology, you will find below a tiny and extremely subjective list of resources that might serve as further approaches to this vast and fascinating subject.

    The reputed Viking Society for Northern Research  have made available online virtually all their publications, among others, the texts of the "Elder or Poetic Edda" and the "Prose Edda", the translation by R.G. Finch of the "Völsunga Saga" (the story of the Völsungs), as well as many other texts of great interest, published by some of the foremost specialists in the domain. And also including Christopher Tolkien's edition and translation of "The Saga of King Heidrek the Wise", published in 1960. (scroll down for the texts, all available for download in pdf format.)

    For a taste of other interpretations of the Story of the Völsungs:

    The text of the Story of the Völsungs (Völsunga Saga) as translated by William Morris in 1888.

    Andrew Lang's version for children of the story of Sigurd, as printed in his "Red Fairy Book", inspired by William Morris's translation.

    For very early pictorial representations of the story of Sigurd:

    "Sigurd Portal": a web page describing (with photographs) the medieval door of the church of Hylestad, used to illustrate the cover of "The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún".

    English Wikipedia entry on the "Sigurd Stones", the earliest known representation of the story of Sigurd.

    There are of course many other resources to be found both online and even on printed paper (!), so we wish you the best of luck in your researches, and of course... we hope you enjoy the book!

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