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Otros Cuentos y Poemas

  • Egidio, el Granjero de Ham

    Aegidii Ahenobarbi Julii Agricole de Hammo
    Domini de Domito, Aule Draconarie Comitis
    Regni Minimi Regis et Basilei
    mira facinora et mirabilis exortus

  • Las Aventuras de Tom Bombadil

    For ever still a messenger,
    a passenger, a tarrier,
    a-roving as a feather does,
    a weather-driven mariner.

  • Hoja de Niggle

    “There was once a little man called Niggle, who had a long journey to make. He did not want to go, indeed the whole idea was distasteful to him; but he could not get out of it. He knew he would have to start some time, but he did not hurry with his preparations.”

  • El Herrero de Wootton Mayor

    “There was a village once, not very long ago for those with long memories, nor very far away for those with long legs. Wootton Major it was called because it was larger than Wootton Minor, a few miles away deep in the trees.”

  • La Vuelta a Casa de Beorhtnoth

                                    Now mourn for ever
    Saxon and English, from the sea's margin
    to the western forest! The wall is fallen,
    women are weeping; the wood is blazing
    and the fire naming as a far beacon.

  • La Leyenda de Sigurd y Gudrún

    At the door he tumbled
    dreadly crying;
    there hell took him
    hewn asunder.

  • La Caída de Arturo

    Sun shone on swords   silver-pointed
    the spears sparkled   as they sprang upward,
    white as wheatfield.   Wheeling above them
    the crows were crying   with cold voices.

  • Beowulf ~ Traducción y Comentario

    Hraþe æfter þon ongann
    seo sunne niþer gewítan,
    wurdon sceadwa lange ofer eorðan.
    Þá arás se cyning;
    menn ónetton of þǽre healle.

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